In the spring of 1999, Sherry and Max Greiner, Jr. moved into their new passive solar/earth sheltered "dream house", that Max designed for their 130 acre ranch, in the Texas Hill County. At the time, Sherry asked Max if she could have all the animals she wanted now that they were moving from the city to the country. When Max said "yes" he had no idea what Sherry had in mind!

God loves to give His children the "desires of their heart". Shortly after moving out to the ranch, Sherry asked God to bring her "all" His animals. In that moment, she had an "open vision". In her "vision" she saw herself surrounded by wild animals (like the scene from Disney's "Snow White" movie) with deer, rabbits, raccoons and wild doves around her! Shortly after her "vision" God fulfilled her desire in the most amazing ways! This website shares some of these incredible stories, along with photographs of the animals God sent to Sherry, in answer to her prayers.

So, Sherry is a modern day "Mrs. Noah" or "Eve in the Garden of Eden"! Sherry also made a rule for the Greiner ranch, which really messed up Max's bowhunting: "If it is named and tamed, it can't be aimed!" The Greiners hope you enjoy seeing Sherry's animals and touring their
ranch and home!
Sherry Greiner 2010
Viewer Warning!

First, be aware, God may use this website
to touch your heart!

Second, the photos you see here were taken on the Greiner Ranch. All of the animals pictured here are
"free-roaming". None are penned or restrained in any way, except for the pet dogs (who had sensitivity training) and Sherry's domestic rabbits! All other animals come and go as they choose. However, many prefer to return to Sherry, who provides love, food and water. The Greiner Ranch also has excellent wildlife habitat, so most of Sherry's animals never leave the ranch.

Third: Wild animals do not make good pets. If you have the proper habitat, you can observe them at close range by simply providing food, cover and water. However, DO NOT pick up wild baby animals. The mothers of the little animals are usually close by and have hidden the babies from predators, as they seek food. Wild baby animals may appear "abandoned" but usually they are not. Therefore, leave the babies where you find them, or you will be a kidnapper! Also, some animals, like raccoons and foxes can carry rabies, which can be fatal, so avoid any animals exhibiting unnatural or strange behavior.

Over the years, Sherry has assisted certified "Animal Rehabilitators" by providing a "safe place" to release wild animals that have been nurtured back to health. So, enjoy wildlife, but don't restrict its ability to live the life that God intended for His creatures!